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Windows server 2012 essentials terminal services licensing free

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1. Activating a Remote Desktop Services license server · Launch the RDS license manager. · Right-click the server name and select Activate Server. Microsoft Academic Licenses Qualified Education Institutions Only. $ ; 5 Remote Desktop Services User CALs. MS Part #: 6VC $ ; This licensing brief helps to clarify Microsoft licensing policies for Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS), including the new components that are in.


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This change tossed many like myself for a loop as I could not find any documentation on how to do what was once a 5 minute task. If you are installing on the same server you are physically logged into then the server should be there by default. Once the installation checks are completed choose to allow or not your server to restart automatically if required as part of the install and click Deploy.

This will show you the Overview with the status and settings for your terminal server. If you plan to install the licensing services locally on this server click the RD Licensing icon in the «deployment overview» window. Then follow the instructions to install the licensing service locally and add your purchased licensing. If you have more than one TS like I do you will want to use a Licensing server. This allows you to share your client TS licenses across all of your terminal servers making it easier to purchase and manage your license needs.

Your licensing server will be contacted, verified and added to the list. At this point users should now be able to log into this server.

Test your connectivity out with a regular user account and you should be good to go! The process as been re-arranged and is very different when compared to previous versions, but once you get a grasp for where things have been moved to it still works very much the same as it always did.

Question – is terminal services licensing similar to open licensing in that it’s on a trust basis with Microsoft? Don’t really see where to add CALs. Absolutely not. Once you install RDS, you are in a day grace period for licensing. When you install licenses, it registers with Microsoft Clearing House. After step 11 above, if the License Server Manager role is not already installed, it will install it.

You should then see them as active. Hi, I know this comment is coming a bit late but I’ve recently attempted this on Windows Server but it will not allow more than one person to connect at a time;. Remote Desktop Connection Do you want to allow to connect to this machine? Click OK to disconnect your session immediately or click Cancel to stay connected.

No action will disconnect your session in 30 seconds. Did something change between R2 and – is it possible to have a traditional terminal server anymore? This might help. Open RD Gateway Manager. Under configuration tasks click View or modify certificate properties. In the general tab make sure Allow maximum supported simultaneous connections. Or perhaps there is a limit set. Note the default is 1. Straight forward and to the point. Ok, I’m having issues.

Every time I try to add TS it errors out, all services provided the Server Manager go red and the only way to fix it, as it suggests, is to reboot. I’ve tried 3 times, hoping maybe something was a fluke. BTW, I have all licenses, etc. But haven’t gotten to the point to even apply them. Any ideas? Make sure no group policies are applied to the server by moving it to an OU with no attached policies and then force a gpupdate.

Then try the install again. Also if you have antivirus or other security software installed remove it until after the ts roles are installed.

Thank you for responding. Ok, I think I’ve figured out something. I don’t have WID installed. So I changed to the login to Administrator.

Based on MS articles I should have changed it to login as service. Anyhow, now it’s seems to be gone. However, I got it reinstalled. Switched to login as service. Tried installing TS and it failed After reboot. WID is gone again. As for your suggestion, I created a new group, made sure it didn’t have any policies, moved the server to that group and did a gpupdate. However, user policies still applied! Also turned off the AV app.

Nonetheless, same result. Like many I came across this article because of i was looking to understand what changed from to I really like the article and thank you very much for taking time to share. I have a question: we setup Remote Desktop server under role based features instead of this option your first or second print screen. Right now with the standard Remote Desktop setup, they get the theme without start menu and can see the admin tools etc Why does it always seem like MS can take a 5 second process and make it into 10 min?

Thanks for saving me the headache on this one. Due to some Citrix restrictions, I am only just now making terminal servers for the first time. I am struggling to understand this new RDS.

I have followed Molan’s tutorial as well as many others and can’t get it to work. At this point, I am willing to pay anyone out of my pocket to get it done.

In my lab deployment there is no NLB anymore as Connection Broker should take care of the load balancing so when I connect using Remote Desktop to newcorporate.

As I mentioned, at this point, I am ready to pay ayone that makes this thing works. I am tired of roaming the internet searching for answers. I am having the same problem. I just cannot get RDS to work on this brand new server. I am just going to call Microsoft and pay. I cannot afford to dump any more time down this hole.

I am glad MS gets rewarded for making their products next to impossible to configure. Home Windows General Windows How-tos. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Last Updated: Oct 07, 2 Minute Read. Reply Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Matthew Olan This person is a verified professional. Areas of expertise What’s this? General Networking. Main Areas of Contribution:. Track Progress. Earn Credits. Hopefully after reading this article this once simple task will be simple once again.

Step 2: Select Remote Desktop Services installation. Step 3: Select Quick Start. Step 4: Select Session-based desktop deployment. Step 5: Server Pool. Make sure the server you are installing on is listed in the server pool.

If you are installing on the same server you are physically logged into then the server should be there by default Click Next. Step 6: Installation Checks.

Step 9: Add TS Licensing. I am going to use a licensing server in this example so I won’t go into detail on this option. Step Add Licensing Server. To uses this option click «Tasks» and Edit Deployment Properties». Step Edit Deployment Properties.

Click OK. Step Set Who Can Log into this server.


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